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Business Advisor

Business Compliance: Ensuring your business comply with SA, regional (marine) laws, policies and agreements.

Advisor capacity for Trusts, Individuals, Sole Proprietors, Companies, CCs, NGO’s etc.

• Corporate Governance as per Companies Act 2008
• Develop full business management for business
• Implement the planning & control systems required to business needs for the business
• Effective implementation of best practices to ensure compliance with quality assurance requirements including accounting standards
• Develop plans & set-up a business to be viable
• Provide strategic financial input
• Maintain/enforce disciplinary code and guidelines on professional ethics
• Assist with preparation of financial figures for Board and committees
• Identify waste expenses and point it out to the management
• Process external verification report forms
• Investigate discrepancies , misconduct and disciplinary cases
• Liaising with Management, legal advisor and different divisions
• Prepare cases for investigation team and disciplinary tribunals
• Develop and implement systems and procedures for external verification according to regulatory compliance
• Recruit, monitor and support external verifiers
• Critically explain terminology such as corporate governance, business ethics, morality and values in relation to organisations
• Determine own accountability in respect of corporate governance
• Analyse the corporate governance policy of the entity to determine the levels of accountability at functional management level
• Analyse accountability in terms of alignment with legislation, regulations and the codes relating to corporate governance and ethics within the sector
• Examine the importance of good corporate governance with reference to shareholders, directors, employees, consumers, ordinary citizens and the impact on the economy
• Develop processes for operationalising the corporate governance policy of the entity within the function
• Analyse the governance policy of the entity with a view to identify and derive guidelines to operationalise the governance processes within the function

• Develop a code of conduct for the function and align it with the entity to ensure synergy and consistency
• Cohesion with local government & public entities
• Evaluate the adherence to corporate governance
• Examine the roles, responsibilities and extent of accountability of managers in relation to corporate governance and business ethics
• Outline a strategy to communicate the code of conduct with functional staff in order to encourage buy-in and compliance with it
• Analyse the processes managers would need to develop and roll out to deal with non-compliance
• Design strategies to address the consequences of failing to institute effective governance in an organisation
• Review ethical and moral dilemmas facing organisations and generate a strategy to discuss these dilemmas in an organisation
• Ensure that criteria for best practice are developed to measure application and compliance to the governance policy of the entity and the function
• Measure the application of governance policy within a function using the best practice criteria
• Monitor and evaluate the application of fiduciary responsibilities
• Develop a plan to improve compliance to corporate governance
• Analyse anomalies and deviations pertaining to the operationalisation of governance in order to develop counter-reoccurrence strategies
• Analyse areas in a function where there is scope for improvement, and offer suggestions to enhance good governance
• Devise strategies and suggestions for improving corporate governance develop a comprehensive plan to maintain governance