PJF Skills Academy

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Objectives of the Skills Academy

Seminars & workshops

  • Financial Management
  • Capacity Building
  • Roles & Responsibilities of Board of Directors and Shareholders
  • Conservation and Marine protection
  • Fish Sustainability
  • Financial Advising
  • Guiding Principal & Good Practices
  • Sound Engineering seminars / workshops
  • Director due diligence & Risks
  • Sport
  • On request

skills development & Coaching

  1. Skills training in music, arts, dance
  2. Skill and empower disabled people
  3. Skill and develop Youth and females
  4. Coaching, Support, Training, club code development
  5. Assistance with bursaries
  6. Assistance with Learnership
  7. Assistance with Internships
  8. Assistance with Skills Programs
  9. Assistance with further education
  10. Assist with bursaries for Lower & Higher Education
  11. Capacity Building
  12. Implementation of Sector Skills Plan
  13. Accredited Mentor, Moderators and specialize in accreditations – skills developers, moderators, assessors and mentors and training modules

What We Can Help You With

Scarce Skills

Marine Skills


Community Development

Role of the Skills Development Facilitator

  • Assist the employer and employees to develop a Workplace Skills Plan which complies with the requirements of the Seta
  • Submit the Workplace Skills Plan to the relevant Seta
  • Advise the employer on the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan
  • Assist the employer to draft an Annual Training Report on the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan
  • Advise the employer on the quality assurance requirements set by the Seta
  • Act as a contact person between the employer and the sector Seta
  • Serve as a resource with regard to all aspects of skills development
  • Communicate Seta initiatives, grants and benefits to the employer
  • Communicate with branch offices, and all employees in the main office and branch offices, concerning events and grants being offered at the Seta
  • The employer must provide the Skills Development Facilitator with the resources, facilities and training necessary to perform the functions set out.