Project Management Services

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Project management services

  • Specialize area, youth services. Youth development.
  • Specialize area, coast / water services.
  • Western Cape government development parameters – knowledge
  • Facilitate projects
  • Facilitate community bodies
  • Internal / External Facilitator
  • Negotiate project / program between parties
  • Talks with High Officials on planned future developments
  • Community development
  • Community upliftment
  • Community advisor: Legal & labour aid and etc
  • Establish, create & identify projects
  • Recordkeeping of funds and capital spent
  • Administrative support to donors
  • Manage and allocate fund donations to projects
  • Skills development planning and facilitation
  • Database research for various projects
  • Assisting individuals to become compliant in the workforce
  • Assisting individuals to become legal business owners
  • Submit monthly reports to relevant government departments
  • Implementations of procedures
  • Responsible for fundraising (events)
  • Manage relations with clients
  • Explore all possible income generation opportunities for project
  • Identify/implement cost-effective ways of service delivery
  • Draw-up Tenders as per SCM
  • Compile business plans
  • Managing communities