Environmental Services

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Environmental services

• Working with latest Finnish waste management technology – MOLOK
• Representative for Chief Consultant in Africa – Danish Energy     Management (part of Danish Management Group)
• Renewable Energy
• Waste to Energy
• Energy Efficiency
• Demand Side Management
• Combined Heat & Power Technology
• Rural Energy
• Energy Policies & Legislation
• Green developments
• Establish & maintain tourism attractions
• Environmental services
• Waste services
• Preservation & Rehabilitation of wetlands
• Establish and maintain tourism attractions
• Marketing and promotion of tourism

Our company has been involved with:

Kleinmond Marine Working Group – KMWG (Oct 2009 – date)
I am also the Founding Member,
Establishment of the Marine Protective Area & Protection of the local fishing community rights &
viability of long term fishing
Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve
Director: Commerce (Legal & Finance)

Main object is to manage The Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve in accordance with UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere program.

Main business:
– Education, training, marketing and publicity of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve
– Supporting and coordinating, sustainable development initiatives in the socio-economic, service delivery and conservation fields
– Promoting and exchanging biosphere reserve research and planning knowledge.